I’d Go Back 

Man if I could go back, to when I thought I was all that. 

I’d kick my young ass and let me know, oh if I could I’d go. 

I’d tell myself to listen more, to be brave and leave his ass before. 

If I could I’d tell myself, nothing is more important than being yourself. 

Hang onto your happiness cause little do you know, you lose it along the way as you go. 

I’d write down all my thoughts about my dreams, so little now so it seems. 

I’d tell myself to do so much stuff, like listening to others more and that I am enough. 

Oh you think you know baby girl but you haven’t a clue, your biggest priority was who was who. 

Oh yeah if I could only tell myself what I known now, maybe then I’d be out of this little town. 


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