The Grass is Always Greener…

It has been so long since I have cried, its like I’m dried up on the inside.

This life that I’m living doesn’t feel like mine, it feels like I’m watching from miles behind.

I sit and I ponder my thoughts are so loud, I don’t notice that I’m sitting in a silent cloud.

I sit and I think to all to myself, what it would be like to be someone else.

This is what kills me from deep inside, that I am not happy with how I reside.

I open the door to what I would change, from then on I get deranged.

I pick out my most insecure things and I see, how things would turn out if I wasn’t me.

Lengthen out the legs make them skinner too, flatten out the tummy just a few things I’d do.

I can’t help but think of these things that I would rearrange, like somehow that’ll help with some big ole change.

Everyone has moments when they are feeling low, mine somehow just never seem to go.

I can only hope that by sharing these thoughts of mine, that maybe it’ll help someone else on down the line.

It helps to feel like you’re not alone, it’s a shame hearts aren’t made of stone.



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