Drought in the Rain 

I go to sleep thinking that this is all just a  nightmare, that I’ll wake up and you’ll be right there. 

You’ll comfort me with a kiss, and it’ll continue to be like this. 

But I know this is real, it doesn’t matter how I feel. 

You’re done your gone never to return, I’m stuck on this island trying to heal this burn. 

I cry but you don’t know I sob and you don’t hear, I can no longer call you my dear. 

I cry but what is to gain, will I ever get rid of this pain!? 

Every so often I am okay, it feels just like any other day. 

But then I am reminded that I can’t talk to you, and you have no idea you have no clue. 

That I am hurting deep inside, I wish that you were still mine. 

Do you feel sorry or alone, I feel as though you’re heart is made of stone. 

Do you too feel my pain, I doubt as much as a drought in the rain. 


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