Prince Charming

At a young age girls learn of Prince Charming. We watch cartoons, read books, Disney is a big factor in finding “the one”. I don’t believe everyone has someone. I think there are people meant to be alone. 

Greek mythology says that we were born as two people that were split up searching to find the other. But what if some people were made to be alone. Like superheroes they were somehow built stronger to withstand being alone. I ponder this thought constantly. After every failed attempt I have at a relationship. I believe some people have what it takes to make others stay. Like it’s a gene that I am missing. I don’t believe I have what it takes to make another person stay with me for all of my life. 

This isn’t to say that I don’t have hope, in one day that I’ll find someone. I have a sliver of hope that will always remain. But the logical part of my brain says look at history. It only repeats itself. This isn’t meant to be sad, but rather smart in my choices and level headed. 


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