She loved as the moon loved the sun, it started to shine from where it begun. She was as fearsome as the night, but light hearted as a feather in flight. She knew no stranger and whats more, she knew oppertunity was beyond every closed door. She walked like a body of water with such … More She

In the end

And in the end I was willing to give up everything. That was my love shuddering in the cold over the heat trying to stay warm. I wasn’t thinking of what I was giving in to | I didn’t care what went into the fire as long as it stayed burning for a little while … More In the end

This Time

I let it numb me I can’t get enough, it helps me when the going gets rough. I drink and I am numb till this tomb I dig myself, till I am all alone on a forgotten shelf. It overwhelms me the feeling of tranquility, I have the right but not the ability. The more … More This Time

Young Love

Just two kids who didn’t know what life was about, all they knew was they’d figure it out. Young and dumb they dated for a short while, all she knew was she liked his smile. Things began to erupt but they stayed friends, it was easy to make ammends. They saw other people but surely … More Young Love


Words what do the account for whoever says them – right! I believed you but I guess I haven’t the slight. Words only mean as much as they can afford, for some that’s hardly enough to go toward. Words are meaningless action shows more, words cut like a knife leaving you stranded on the floor. … More Words…