Prince Charming

At a young age girls learn of Prince Charming. We watch cartoons, read books, Disney is a big factor in finding “the one”. I don’t believe everyone has someone. I think there are people meant to be alone.  Greek mythology says that we were born as two people that were split up searching to find … More Prince Charming

I’d Go Back 

Man if I could go back, to when I thought I was all that.  I’d kick my young ass and let me know, oh if I could I’d go.  I’d tell myself to listen more, to be brave and leave his ass before.  If I could I’d tell myself, nothing is more important than being … More I’d Go Back 


Mirror mirror on the wall I know I’m not the fairest of them all but tell me that I am wise and kind, maybe then I won’t lose my mind.  Mirrors are so subjective the things they don’t show, I am smart I am kind and the mirror will never know.  I stared intently at … More Happiness