Mirror mirror on the wall I know I’m not the fairest of them all but tell me that I am wise and kind, maybe then I won’t lose my mind.  Mirrors are so subjective the things they don’t show, I am smart I am kind and the mirror will never know.  I stared intently at … More Happiness 

On Fire Inside 

The other day I went to a restaurant with my mom and her friend. It was a mom and pop place that is local to our small town area. For me there was just too many people inside. Recently my anxiety has gotten worse and has developed into I can’t eat in front of a … More On Fire Inside 

Book Review #1

So this book Pack Up the Moon by Anna McPartlin has me hooked. I suggest that everyone should read it!! Am I getting paid to say this? Hell no! Just read it and you’ll see why I was so star struck that I just HAD TO blog about it!! Within the 26 pages I first read … More Book Review #1